2023/03/20 - 09:13:07am

Celebrate Ramadan with Janji Jiwa

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Jakarta, 20 March 2023 - Welcoming the moment of Ramadan, local drink brands Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast have launched their newest series of special menus. This brand under the auspices of Jiwa Group released 2 new menus from Jiwa Toast namely Crispy Chicken Spicy and Crispy Chicken Nugget. Apart from that, there are 2 other menus from Janji Jiwa, the two drinks are Berry Honey Tea and Passion Peach Tea which are perfect for quenching thirst when breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan. Interestingly, this special menu is available in 1 liter packs for you to share with your family and those closest to you.

Carrying out the #BersamaRAYAkan campaign, Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast would like to invite all of us to celebrate the warm month of Ramadan by eating a special menu from Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast. The complete menu choices, ranging from drinks, snacks, as well as delicious and filling toast. What makes this series of menus even more special, is that Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast offer Ramadan bundling packages that can be used as hampers packages that can be given to family, friends or closest people when celebrating the moment of Ramadan. This series of special Ramadan menus can be purchased starting March 20, 2023 at all Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast outlets throughout Indonesia.

As a local beverage brand that carries the spirit of spreading happiness through a cup of drink and toast, Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast continue to explore in presenting the products and services provided to consumers. Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast are always committed to providing the best products and services so that customers feel comfortable and love the products we present.

Jiwa Toast launched the newest selection of snacks that can be enjoyed together during the month of Ramadan, namely Crispy Chicken Nuggets and Crispy Chicken Spicy. Both of these menus are made of crispy chicken meat with a delicious, juicy and tender texture. For the Crispy Chicken Nugget menu, it has a flavorful taste and juicy nugget texture with 5 choices of Dippin' Sauce that can be enjoyed according to taste. Meanwhile, Crispy Chicken Spicy comes with a Spicy Flavor from chicken which fits perfectly with Jiwa Toast's signature mayo sauce.

For the special menu of the Ramadan edition of Janji Jiwa, there are Berry Honey Tea and Passion Peach Tea. Both of them use Chamomile Tea based which smells good and gives a fresh sensation and fits even better with the blend of soft Coconut Jelly topping in each variant. Each of these menus has a fresh taste that comes from a combination of strawberries and honey for the Berry Honey Tea variant and a combination of Passion fruit and Peach for the Passion Peach Tea variant. These two seasonal drinks present a combination of unique and innovative flavors that are refreshing and most suitable to be enjoyed with family and friends during the month of Ramadan.​

For those of you who don't want to miss trying this special Ramadan edition menu with your closest family and relatives, #temansejiwa can be obtained by purchasing directly at Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast outlets throughout Indonesia as well as ordering via GoFood, GrabFood, ShopeeFood and the JIWA+ application. This special menu is priced at an affordable price, starting from IDR 19,000. You can also save more by buying Ramadan bundling packages starting from the Bukber Alone Package, Bukber Tiga and Bukber Empat​. Suitable for those of you who want to send hampers to relatives and loved ones. Come on, #temansejiwa, try it and come to your nearest Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast outlet now!



About Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa was first established on May 15 2018, adopting a fresh-to-cup concept by serving a selection of authentic Indonesian local coffees with classic taste images. Janji Jiwa has succeeded in becoming the largest coffee chain with 900+ outlets spread in more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia. With the value of “A Cup from Farmers, A Cup to Partners, and A Cup for the People”, Janji Jiwa is trusted as the only local coffee shop to receive an award from MURI 2019 and Top Brand in 2020, 2021, 2022. Our vision is to make Kopi Janji Jiwa a coffee shop brand that is located in every corner of the city by bringing Indonesian coffee shop culture to the world.

Quality is a top priority, Janji Jiwa uses beans directly from selected local coffee farmers, through a careful process, roasted to international standards by a competent Janji Jiwa Roaster. Produce quality products at affordable prices. Maintaining the consistency of the taste of each cup of Janji Jiwa at all times is a promise that will always be fulfilled to #TemanSejiwa (faithful consumers of Janji Jiwa). For more information, visit www.jiwagroup.com.


About Jiwa Toast

Jiwa Toast is here as a form of Jiwa Group's commitment, which in this case serves toast products as a friend of Kopi Promise Jiwa to provide affordable prices and the best service to #temansejiwa. Since its establishment in August 2019, Jiwa Toast now has more than 200 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. The spirit of `Soul Toast is the Champion of Toast` owned by Jiwa Toast now continues to produce creative innovations in presenting unforgettable delicious sensations that can be enjoyed by all people and wherever #temansejiwa is located. For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/jiwatoast

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