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About Us

Janji Jiwa is a grab-and-go coffee chain that adopts a fresh-to-cup concept, serving a selection of classic Indonesian coffee products to our customers. Janji Jiwa has also managed to find a way to produce quality products at affordable prices by sourcing and roasting our local selection of Indonesian coffee. Our vision is to make Janji Jiwa a neighborhood grab-and-go coffee chain, bringing Indonesian coffee culture to the world.

Every cup of Janji Jiwa Coffee is the product of three core brand values:

A Cup for the Farmers, is our promise to empower Indonesian coffee growers by buying directly from farmers at competitive prices, improving their lives and livelihoods.

A Cup for the Partners, delivers on our commitment to our partners, especially Janji Jiwa coffee partners.

A Cup for the People, embraces our invitation for all partners to prioritize Product, Quality, Service, and Ambience.

Applying these three core values ensures that we consistently deliver the best service, top quality products and great value to over 20 million loyal customers in more than 900 Janji Jiwa outlets nationwide. We ceaselessly innovate to bring customers a wider selection of espresso-based drinks, as well as unique, creative non-coffee alternatives and non-dairy options such as oat milk and soy milk. All are freshly prepared to order.


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