JIWA GROUP provides innovative products for the community. We are committed to develop a sustainable business by contributing to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the Company.


Jiwa Group committed to continuously managing all operational activities to prevent the environmental pollution through waste management, air pollution prevention, efficient use of resources, maintaining cleanliness and increasing employee awareness of the environment.



Indonesia produces as much as 190.000 tons of waste every day, and most of them are wet waste due to lack of awareness of principle of segregation. Waste management by sorting, collecting, and recycling is a form of Jiwa Group's efforts to comply with government regulations in Law of The Republic of Indonesia Number 32 Year 2009 Concerning Protection And Management of Environment.

Jiwa Group is committed to environmental management by implementing 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) in all Jiwa Group facilities to overcome the environmental problems in Indonesia. As a part of our efforts to reduce waste, Jiwa Group collaborates with waste management partnerships to reduce environmental pollution, in addition to overcoming waste problems but also financial benefits derived from waste management which can be something more useful. We do this to create a better environment.



Jiwa Group realized and made small changes to reduce the energy consumption. The changes are required not only for the effects of climate change but also financial benefits that come from reducing energy use. For example, a small but important action is to switch off the lights and air conditioner when people leave the room.



Social and environmental responsibility are the Jiwa Group's commitment to sustainable economic development to improve social and environmental quality in all aspects of the company's operations on issues that have an impact on the environment such as air pollution, waste contamination, product safety and labor.

Through tree planting activities, Jiwa Group hopes to improve environmental quality as pollution prevention, adaptation to climate change and environmental restoration.



Our promise is to look around us to make a bigger impact for the earth and for others. As a form of our support to reduce plastic bags, from now on every purchase of the Janji Jiwa's and Jiwa Toast's take away products will receive a recyclable bag instead of a plastic bag.




As a form of concern for the environment and the spirit to continue to innovate, Sage Footwear invites shoe lovers to jointly take part in protecting the earth for the better. Still carrying the theme of sustainability, Sage Footwear collaborated with Janji Jiwa, a well-known coffee brand in Indonesia, to present a breakthrough in the form of the first local shoes made from coffee grounds. The coffee grounds from the Janji Jiwa which are reused as shoe dyes are a tangible manifestation of the #LangkahSejiwaUntukBumi campaign.




As a form of our support to reduce plastic waste, Janji Jiwa collaborates with @Octopus.ina with the campaign theme #Janji SayangBumi. In this campaign, we invite #TemanSejiwa to dispose plastic waste in the Octopus dropbox, which is available in three stores of Janji Jiwa in Jakarta. Octopus itself offers a service where the plastic waste used does not end up in landfills or pollute the environment so that it can become something useful. This we do in order to create a better earth.




In the moment of independence, August 24th, 2019. Janji Jiwa also appreciates a number of parties who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and even their lives to maintain the integrity and independence of Indonesia with a glass of Kopi Janji Jiwa, one of which is the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL). It is an honor for us to be able to serve and appreciate them.



APRIL 2020

Janji Jiwa gives great appreciation to health workers to continue to be enthusiastic in facing the Covid-19 pandemic. On April 6, 2020, Janji Jiwa donated a number of products  for all health workers who were on duty at a number of hospitals that became referrals for handling Covid-19. Thank you Indonesian heroes!



APRIL 2020

Through #JiwaPeduli, Janji Jiwa plays a role in appreciating the services of every 'Online Driver'  who is ready to face big risks to deliver Teman Sejiwa's orders. We provided food, vitamins and cloth masks so that every online driver can stay healthy during this pandemic. We also provide free cash for every online driver who comes to the stores.



APRIL 2020

Janji Jiwa launchedthe new program 'Dari Kita Untuk Nakes'  as a form of concern Janji Jiwa's concern for health workers who have worked on the front lines with their lives at stake. Janji Jiwa provided a sum of money which were then used to purchase a number of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by the hospital. Several hospitals include the Dharmais Cancer Hospital and RSCM.




As a form of concern and solidarity in facing Covid-19, Janji Jiwa participate in supporting the `Gerakan Sejuta Masker untuk Indonesia` which was launched by Benih Baik together with the Indonesian Red Cross. This movement hoped to inspire the community's spirit of mutual cooperation to always comply with health protocols as an effort to stop the transmission of Covid-19.




In commemoration of National Teacher's Day 2021 which falls on Thursday (25/11), Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast share happiness by distributing Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast products accompanied by giving a rose to the teachers at SMA Negeri 65 Jakarta. This activity was done as a form of appreciation from Janji Jiwa to the teachers who have served the nation's children as well as our gratitude to the teachers that for the past two years have continued to struggle to restore education in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic with all the limitations that exist. Thank you for your Heart, lets restore Education. Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers in Indonesia!



APRIL 2022

In the holy month of Ramadan 1443 H that is full of wisdom, Jiwa Group held a #JIWABERBAGI activity by sharing free basic necessities to orphans at the Muhammadiyah PCM Orphanage in order for Jiwa Group to care for others. This activity was carried out at Jiwa Group's head office located in Kedoya, West Jakarta. The distribution of this assistance is also a form of our concern for the children in the Muhammadiyah PCM orphanage and to provide warmth to them by inviting them to break their fast together.



APRIL 2022

In the month of Ramadan which is full of grace and momentum to share with others. Jiwa Group shared the joy by sharing assistance in the form of basic necessities for residents around Jiwa Group's head office, to be exact, residents of RT 10 RW 7, Kedoya, West Jakarta. The distribution of this assistance is also a form of our concern and responsibility to the community around the company during the pandemic which is still ongoing





The earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 on the Richter Scale that rocked Cianjur on November 21, 2022 at 13.21 WIB brought a considerable impact to residents around Cianjur and also to our Sajiwa from Volume 1101. Through #JIWAPEDULI Jiwa Group provided assistance in the form of donations, basic necessities and Janji Jiwa products to be distributed to affected victims as a form of a caring soul. This natural disaster response action is a form of concern for others and to ease the burden on the people affected by the earthquake in Cianjur. The assistance was handed over by the Jiwa Group team to Sajiwa from Jilid 1101 on Friday (25/11).



APRIL 2023

The month of Ramadan is a holy and blessed month for all Muslims. At the moment of the holy month of Ramadan in 1444 H, Not forgetting that Jiwa Group also gave thanks by holding an Iftar with friends from the Annajah Orphanage which was held on April 13, 2023. This activity was held at the Annajah Orphanage, which is precisely located on Jl. Kemajuan of Petukangan Sel, Pesanggrahan District, South Jakarta City.

Carrying the theme #BersamaRAYAkan, the purpose of this activity is to strengthen the ties of friendship that exist and to share happiness with the children of the Annajah orphanage, as well as carry out iftar together in this month full of blessings. Also in this activity, the Sajiwa had the opportunity to teach creativity to friends at the Annajah Orphanage by doing some useful activities such as painting Janji Jiwa cups, making accessories from beads to painting Jiwa Toast which was poured on a T-shirt. Through this activity, it is hoped that it can train imagination, boost creativity and hone the skills of the children at the Annajah Orphanage.

Also on this occasion, Jiwa Group provided assistance in the form of social assistance funds and groceries to friends of the Annajah Orphanage during the holy and blessed month of Ramadan. This distribution of assistance is also a form of concern for Jiwa Group to be able to help ease the burden on younger siblings and caretakers at the Annajah orphanage.



Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) Certification

December 2020

Cleanliness has always been a priority in the Food and Beverage industry. With the development of Covid-19, Jiwa Group understands that it is very important for us to provide products and services with good hygiene, health, safety and environmental standards. Jiwa Group has met the criteria and passed the CHSE standard as set by the government and has obtained a CHSE certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.


HALAL Certification

December 2021

Jiwa Group is committed to present good quality products to all consumers. We have met halal requirements by obtaining a Halal Certificate from the Ministry of Religion and a Grade A (Excellent) Halal Assurance System from the Indonesian Ulema Council. Jiwa Group proves that all products produced and production facilities comply with the halal guidelines set by the Indonesian Ulema Council.


Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Management System Certification

May 2022

Jiwa Group has obtained the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate from the Ministry of Manpower ensure Occupational Safety and Health for all Jiwa Group employees as well as providing guidance, understanding, training and identification of hazards to all Jiwa Group work areas as well as making continuous improvements to the sustainable Occupational Health and Safety Management System.