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Jakarta, 27 March 2022 - The contemporary local coffee shop, Janji Jiwa, received appreciation at the WOW Brand 2022 award event held by Markplus.Inc. In the event, Janji Jiwa again won the Gold Champion of Indonesia WOW Brand 2022 award for the 'Coffee Shop' category. Janji Jiwa ranks first in this prestigious event for its consistency in being the most recommended brand by the public.

This award was given online at the 'WOW Brand Festive Day 2022: Branding in The Endemic Year' event on March 23, 2022 and was received directly by Ni Made Gracia as the Head of Marketing Communication of Jiwa Group.

Ni Made said, “This is the second time that the brand of Jiwa is named the Coffee Shop that is most in demand and gets a positive impression and is the most embedded in the minds of the Indonesian people. We are also very happy to be able to maintain the Gold Champion title so that we can get this award again. Janji Jiwa's success in maintaining this award is a manifestation of our consistency in providing the best service to customers. Thank you to all the people of Indonesia who have chosen Janji Jiwa as one of the best brands in the WOW Brand 2022 event for the Coffee Shop category. We dedicate this award to all #TemanSejiwa throughout Indonesia,"

Ni Made continued, this award is a moment for Janji Jiwa to strengthen its position as a local coffee brand that is loved by the people of Indonesia.

Janji Jiwa always comes with a variety of innovations to bring customers more choices of espresso-based drinks, as well as unique and creative non-coffee and non-dairy alternatives such as oat milk and soy milk. Until now, Janji Jiwa has consistently provided the best service and quality products for more than 20 million loyal Janji Jiwa customers in more than 900 Janji Jiwa outlets throughout Indonesia. Every glass of Janji Jiwa served has 3 values, namely: A Cup From Farmers, A Cup To Partners, A Cup For The People.

With a commitment to carrying out these three values, consumers are sure to share their happiness and recommend the Janji Jiwa brand with their friends and family. This can happen if a brand or company has a commitment to continuously provide the best service for customers.

As is known, MarkPlus, Inc. is holding a WOW Brand Festive Day 2022 entitled 'Branding in the Endemic Year' which is the biggest marketing festival for brand enthusiasts in Indonesia. The award was attended by around 700 brand enthusiasts from more than 300 of Indonesia's best brands and filled with brand expert speakers from international and local, who explained the latest brand concepts.

MarkPlus, Inc. through one of its divisions, MarkPlus Insight, has conducted a survey of Indonesia WOW Brand 2022 to 4,000 respondents in several major cities in Indonesia. This survey refers to the concept of WOW Marketing which adopts the marketing concept of Prof. Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing. Based on the survey results, Janji Jiwa was named the best brand in its category at the Indonesia WOW Brand 2022 event.

Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc. Hermawan Kartajaya explained, the survey was conducted in 100 different industry categories. As has been done since 2013, there are five aspects seen in the research which refers to the 5A, namely Awareness, Appealing, Asking, Act, and Advocate. These five aspects are then measured using the Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) method, to see how brands can change awareness into brand purchases and loyalty.

"In the era of social media, we really have to be able to see how much consumers can recommend or advocate our brand. Besides BAR, there is also PAR (Purchase Action Ratio), which is a measurement that compares consumers who know a brand and buy a brand. has been used abroad such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan," concluded Hermawan.

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