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Janji Jiwa Wins Award as The Brand Of The Year Two Years in a Row

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Jakarta, January 12, 2024 - Janji Jiwa, the leading local coffee shop brand with the fastest growth in the Indonesian F&B world, has again won a prestigious award at the annual World Branding Awards 2023 which will again be held offline at Kensington Palace, London, England on December 7, 2023. As a brand that is growing very aggressively, Janji Jiwa was able to win the award as Brand of the Year for the "Retail Coffee" category in two consecutive years, in 2022 and 2023. This further strengthens Janji Jiwa's position as a leading brand in the retail business market.


CEO & Founder of Jiwa Group, Billy Kurniawan said, "It is an honor to get this world recognition and be awarded 'Brand of the Year' for two consecutive years from the World Branding Awards because it is very difficult to get the title of 'Best Brand of the Year This'. We are committed to always providing consistent quality products and the best service so that we can continue to maintain consumer trust in Janji Jiwa products. We also want to thank our customers for their trust and support so far until we have once again succeeded in winning the 2023 World Branding Award. "With consumers choosing us as the best brand this year, it is certainly very special and we also thank the World Branding Forum for this recognition and validation."


Furthermore, Billy added, that although it was not easy, this success could not be separated from the hard work of all the parts and teams involved.


"This is a celebration of the best marketers from around the world. This award is a recognition of the tireless efforts of the entire team who built and maintained the presence of the Janji Jiwa brand in a dynamic market," said Billy


The prestigious World Branding Awards are organized by the World Branding Forum (WBF) as a global non-profit organization that recognizes and appreciates the best performance of global, regional and national brands for their achievements in becoming the best brands in each category. The 2023-2024 Edition of the World Branding Awards was the 17th ceremony organized by the World Branding Forum, and its 10th ceremony held at Kensington Palace.


This year, over 1,500 brands were nominated from more than 40 countries, and less than 200 brands were named "Brand of the Year". Over 150,000 consumers from around the world voted for their favourite brands.


“As consumer votes constitute seventy percent of the final score, winners of the Awards must have strong brand recall, top-of-mind awareness and trust among their consumers. Those brands truly resonate with the public” explained Richard Rowles, Global Chairman, World Branding Forum.


A winners are judged through three streams: brand valuation, consumer market research, and public online voting. On average there are only 5 winners per country this year. Janji Jiwa became one of the winners after going through a strict judging and evaluation process. This further proves that local Indonesian brands can also be recognized in the international.


Innovation, Rebranding Supported by JIWA+ Application


Founded in May 2018 with around 900 outlets, Janji Jiwa continues to innovate from product to marketing. It is important for the Janji Jiwa brand to continue to innovate with new product offerings, including presenting non-coffee drinks and non-dairy alternatives.


Coinciding with the same year as receiving this year's World Branding Awards, Janji Jiwa also celebrated its 5th anniversary and made a change to the brand. For example, by presenting a new logo rebranding and a new outlet concept that prioritizes offline experience with a more exciting outlet design. Janji Jiwa’s new concept will focus on improving the offline experience by redesigning the customer journey, starting by streamlining the product ordering process (via self-service kiosks), simplifying order pickups (using a restaurant paging system), and elevating the overall enjoyment of the products (through innovations in packaging and menu selection). Apart from improving service quality through rebranding and menu innovation, Janji Jiwa also continues to optimize the use of the JIWA+ application to support the "grab & go" model which has been a specialty of Kopi Janji Jiwa since the beginning.


Besides that, Janji Jiwa has also successfully carried out co-branding collaborations with interesting big brands, popular events, and collaborations with popular figures and platforms that are suitable. For example, with various Food & Beverage (F&B) brands including Sasa, Teh Botol Sosro, OATSIDE, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Sage Footwear and there are many others. Most recently, Janji Jiwa collaborated with the Indonesian series entitled “Kretek Girl” which is the Latest Indonesian Original Series on Netflix by releasing 6 new menu variants with coffee and non-coffee choices whose ingredients are inspired by spices.

This has proven that Janji Jiwa consistently provides extraordinary innovations across all segments and all age category. After winning this title for the second time in a row, Janji Jiwa is committed to achieving its vision of bringing positive change to win consumer loyalty by prioritizing customer satisfaction.



About the World Branding Forum.

The World Branding Forum (WBF) is a global, non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing branding standards for the good of the branding community as well as consumers. This includes those who work in the branding, design, marketing, advertising, public relations and communications disciplines worldwide. The WBF produces, manages and supports a wide range of programmes covering research development, education, recognition, networking and outreach. For more information, visit brandingforum.org.

About the World Branding Awards

The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of the World Branding Forum. The Awards recognises the achievements of some of the best brands in the world. Winners are selected based on brand valuation. market research, and online public voting. For more information, visit awards.brandingforum.org.

About Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa made its debut on 15 May 2018, introducing the "fresh-to-cup" concept by offering an array of authentic Indonesian coffees with a classic taste. Janji Jiwa has achieved the distinction of being the largest coffee chain in Indonesia, with over 900 outlets across 100 cities. Operating under the values of "A Cup from Farmers, A Cup to Partners, and A Cup for the People," Janji Jiwa has received recognition as the only local coffee store to earn the MURI 2019 award and Top Brand accolades in 2020, 2021, and 2022. We aspire to make Kopi Janji Jiwa a coffee store brand in every corner of the city by bringing Indonesian coffee store culture to the world.


At Janji Jiwa, quality is our top priority. We source our coffee beans directly from local farmers who have been carefully selected. Our expert roasters then roast the beans to international standards, ensuring we consistently produce high-quality products at affordable prices. We promise to maintain the consistency of the taste in every cup of Janji Jiwa for our loyal customers, #TemanSejiwa. For further information, www.jiwagroup.com.



For further information, please contact:

Novia Utami

SPV Public Relations Jiwa Group




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