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JAKARTA, JANUARY 7, 2021 - As a local toast brand No. 1 in Indonesia which is very popular among millennials. Jiwa Toast always innovates by presenting menu choices that can spoil the taste buds of customers. This time, Jiwa Toast collaborated with one of the celebrity chefs, namely Suhaidi Jamaan or who is familiarly called “Lord Adi”, who made it into the Top 3 Master Chef Indonesia Season 8. Together with Lord Adi, Jiwa Toast created the latest menu creations with the theme Indonesia Toast Series which presents authentic flavors in the latest #Kolaborasa campaign, 'Unusual Taste Collaboration'. In this #Kolaborasa campaign, Jiwa Toast and Lord Adi gave birth to two new menu variants typical of the archipelago that can be enjoyed by customers in all volumes of Jiwa Toast throughout Indonesia starting January 7, 2022.

CEO and Founder of Jiwa Group, Billy Kurniawan said, `Jiwa Toast is committed to continuing to provide special flavors for Sahabat Sejiwa. We want to invite all Sahabat Sejiwa in Indonesia to be able to taste delicious toast with authentic Indonesian flavors. We are delighted to be collaborating with a chef who is loved by the Indonesian people to launch an innovative menu that has never existed before. For us, this collaboration will give a new unique color to the Jiwa Toast menu this time, especially in this #Kolaborasa campaign, Jiwa Toast wants to explore culinary in the village Lord Adi's page is in West Sumatra which is famous for having dishes with a distinctive and worldwide taste,` he said.

As for the two new menu variants, the first is Beef Rendang. This menu consists of beef enriched with a mixture of rendang spices and special Indonesian spices to produce an aromatic and authentic Indonesian taste. The second menu that is no less tantalizing for toast connoisseurs is Tuna Lado Mudo. This second menu contains slices of fresh tuna combined with green chili sauce and curry sauce. Both of these menus will certainly present a delicious and unique blend of flavors and an unforgettable experience in every bite.

Lord Adi revealed that the uniqueness of the collaboration menu was in the combination of Beef Rendang and Tuna Lado Mudo in toast which had never existed before, he also felt very proud to be able to create toast with an authentic and unique taste. “As a bread fan, it is an honor and a great challenge for me to be able to collaborate with Jiwa Toast to create a menu that is inspired by my homeland in West Sumatra. What I had in mind when making this menu, I wanted to present a menu that can be loved and enjoyed by all people, namely by combining a typical West Sumatran dish with toast from Jiwa Toast. With this collaboration, I want to raise the archipelago's cuisine again into a variety that can be incorporated into anything. Including collaborating on a toast,` said Lord Adi.

In addition, Billy Kurniawan hopes that this collaboration menu will continue the success of other special menus from Jiwa Toast which have become best sellers. `Of course we want the Jiwa Toast brand to stick in the hearts of Indonesian customers, when they talk about bread, we can talk about the player, Jiwa Toast, native to Indonesia and all productions in Indonesia` said Billy.

In order to launch this collaboration menu, Jiwa Toast provides special prices for customers who don't want to miss enjoying the delicious Indonesian Toast Series this time, which is priced at IDR 35 thousand for each of these special menus. This promo is valid from 7 January to 31 January 2022. The purchase of the Indonesian Toast Series menu can be done by ordering directly to the nearest volume of soul toast, or by ordering through the JIWA+ application, Grab Food, Go Food and Shopee Food.


About Jiwa Toast

Jiwa Toast is here as a form of Jiwa Group's commitment, which in this case serves toast products as a friend of Kopi Promise Jiwa to provide affordable prices and the best service to #temansejiwa. Since its establishment in August 2019, Jiwa Toast now has more than 200 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. The spirit of `Soul Toast is the Champion of Toast` owned by Jiwa Toast now continues to produce creative innovations in presenting unforgettable delicious sensations that can be enjoyed by all people and wherever #temansejiwa is located. For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/jiwatoast


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