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Jakarta, May 9th 2021 - In the National Music Day, Janji Jiwa collaborate with the social entertainment platform JOOX to present a campaign titled `Kopi, Musik Cerita Jiwa`. Coffee and music are like friends. Starting on March, customers can get double enjoyment when enjoying their favorite coffee while listening to playlist recommendations according to their hearts on JOOX. 

Coffee and music are like friends. Both of them can accompany the listeners when they want to calm their heart, seek inspiration, and even express their heart. This inspired Janji Jiwa to collaborate with JOOX as a digital platform that young people rely on to listen and find music that suits their hearts. `Janji Jiwa and JOOX have the same commitment which is to support local products. Right on celebrating this National Music Day, we want to bring greater exposure together for local coffee and local music to young people`, said Jiwa Group Marketing Communication Manager, Ni Made Gracia. 

In this `Kopi, Musik Kisah Jiwa` campaign, customers can get special playlist recommendations that match their favorite mood and type of Janji Jiwa's coffee through a microsite that can be accessed via the QR code which is listed on the limited edition cup sleeve. To give music recommendations that match your heart, JOOX also curates various playlists dominated by Indonesian musicians along with nine public figures from the music and entertainment industry who are popular among millennials and Gen-Z, such as Petrus Mahendra, Julian Jacobs, and Nazla Alifa. 

For example, those who are feeling sad because of a broken heart, will get a recommendation for a playlist made by Petrus Mahendra entitled `Cerita Patah Hati` which is the best to sip with `Cookies'n Cream Oreo` made by the barista of Janji Jiwa in every jilid/outlet. 

Heaf of Marketing JOOX Indonesia, Yuanita Agata said, `Enjoying coffee while listening to the right music is a precious moment. Hopefully, Kopi Janji Jiwa and music recommendations from JOOX can accompany your heart and create togetherness anytime and anywhere. In addition, we also hope that this collaboration can benefit more parties in a unique and relevant way for young people in Indonesia.`

In order to provide the experience of enjoying music to your heart's content, JOOX also provides the free VIP music subscription package for every walk-in or dine-in coffee purchase in every jilid of Janji Jiwa throughout the Archipelago. 

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