2022/11/14 - 03:02:47pm

Head in The Clouds Partners with Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast as Official Coffee Partner

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Jakarta, 15 November 2022 - In the Head in the Clouds Jakarta music festival which will take place on 3 – 4 December 2022 at the PIK 2 Community Park. Head in the Clouds collaborates with Janji Jiwa as the official coffee partner to enliven the Head in the Clouds Jakarta music festival  2022. Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast, an original local Indonesian brand known for its contemporary drinks and toast products that are often loved by young people in Indonesia, is here to create a special menu in the latest collaboration. This collaboration carries the #JiwaisRising campaign, which is to invite #TemanSejiwa to feel the excitement and hype of celebrating the Heads in The Clouds Jakarta festival. The collaboration menu that was launched was also very suitable to be enjoyed while enjoying 88rising songs at the Head in the Clouds Jakarta music event.


CEO and Founder of Jiwa Group, Billy Kurniawan said, “We see Head in The Clouds Jakarta Festival as one of the most anticipated festivals. For this reason, we hope that our collaboration can bring new excitement to our coffee and toast lovers, especially those who are also music lovers. At the same time, as a form of support from us local brands for local Indonesian musicians who are currently pursuing their careers in the United States, such as NIKI, Rich Brian and Stephanie Poetri, " Billy said.


Head in the Clouds' special collaboration with Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast presents four new menus inspired by the performing artist Heads in The Cloud Jakarta 2022. Together with Head in the Clouds, Janji Jiwa launches two colorful and thematic drink variants, namely Oathentic88 and Purple Summertime. These two menus have different characters from each other.


For OATHENTIC88, it represents an oathentic taste that is suitable to be enjoyed with 88Rising songs, made from the perfect combination of coffee and oatmilk. Meanwhile, PURPLE SUMMERTIME is suitable for those who like a more refreshing drink because this variant is made from fresh dragon fruit and peach combined with chamomile tea, nata de coco and lemon slices. The name of this menu is inspired by one of the song titles belonging to the singer under 88 rising from Indonesia, Niki. ​These two special menus are certainly very suitable to be enjoyed by music lovers and lovers of contemporary coffee drinks to feel the hype while enjoying the choice of the song Head in the Clouds.


No less hype and delicious, in this latest collaboration, Jiwa Toast with Head in the Clouds, this time presents a unique Korean taste that tantalizes through two variants of toast in a new twist that can become a favorite menu for #TemanSejiwa.


In this collaboration, Jiwa Toast first introduced BLACK TOAST in a unique new variant that serves soft bread in every bite.​ This black toast certainly feels special because it has a crunchy texture from Crispy Chicken which is also juicy and delicious. The first menu, FIRE IN THE CLOUDS, has a distinctive spicy Korean Toppoki taste, while the menu that is no less appetizing is LA LA TOAST YOU, which is combined with the savory Korean honey sauce in a limited edition black bread. The combination of these ingredients produces a taste that sticks to the Indonesian tongue with a touch of spicy taste in it. The unique thing that distinguishes this latest variant from other Jiwa Toast variants is the toast used.


For #temansejiwa who don't want to miss the hype and delicious special collaboration menu Head in the Clouds x Janji Jiwa. #Temansejiwa can directly make direct purchases or order through Gofood, Grabfood, Shopee food, and the JIWA+ application and can be purchased in all outlets of Janji Jiwa throughout Indonesia from November 15, 2022 - February 28, 2023. This special menu is priced at starting from IDR 28 thousand.


Not only that, for soulmates who plan to come to Head in the Clouds Jakarta 2022, #temansejiwa can immediately stop by Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast booth, because apart from being available in the Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast outlets, this collaboration menu can also be found at the Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast booth at the Head in the Clouds Jakarta event. The hope is that the audience will be able to watch the interesting line-up of international artists while enjoying the latest collaboration menu variant of Head in the Clouds with Janji Jiwa.



About Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa was first established on May 15 2018, adopting a fresh-to-cup concept by serving a selection of authentic Indonesian local coffees with classic taste images. Janji Jiwa has succeeded in becoming the largest coffee chain with 900+ outlets spread in more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia. With the value of “A Cup from Farmers, A Cup to Partners, and A Cup for the People”, Janji Jiwa is trusted as the only local coffee shop to receive an award from MURI 2019 and Top Brand in 2020, 2021, 2022. Our vision is to make Kopi Janji Jiwa a coffee shop brand that is located in every corner of the city by bringing Indonesian coffee shop culture to the world.


Quality is a top priority, Janji Jiwa uses beans directly from selected local coffee farmers, through a careful process, roasted to international standards by a competent Janji Jiwa Roaster. Produce quality products at affordable prices. Maintaining the consistency of the taste of each cup of Janji Jiwa at all times is a promise that will always be fulfilled to #TemanSejiwa (faithful consumers of Janji Jiwa). For more information, visit www.jiwagroup.com.


About Jiwa Toast

Jiwa Toast is here as a form of Jiwa Group's commitment, which in this case serves toast products as a friend of Kopi Promise Jiwa to provide affordable prices and the best service to #temansejiwa. Since its establishment in August 2019, Jiwa Toast now has more than 200 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. The spirit of `Soul Toast is the Champion of Toast` owned by Jiwa Toast now continues to produce creative innovations in presenting unforgettable delicious sensations that can be enjoyed by all people and wherever #temansejiwa is located. For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/jiwatoast

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