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Jakarta, September 16th 2020 – Jiwa Group released "Jiwa+", an application made by locals designed to make it easier for #temansejiwa to order Kopi Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast. The Jiwa+ application can be downloaded through The Playstore and App Store on September 16th 2020. Jiwa+ is here as a form of synergy between technology and the F&B industry. 

Through Jiwa+, #temansejiwa can order various Jiwa Group products more easily in two methods, that is the Pick Up and Delivery methods. The pick up method allows every #temansejiwa to be able to place orders without queuing at the nearest Jilid and pick up orders according to the desired time and cashless. In the launching of Jiwa+ application, Jiwa Group collaborated with Credit Card, OVO, Go-Pay, and ShopeePay as a cashless payment method. Meanwhile, the Delivery method supported by Go-Send allows every #temansejiwa to place a delivery order to the specified location. 

With GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, Jiwa+ is able to make it easier for #temansejiwa to provide references about the nearest Jilid/outlet where #temansejiwa is located. Jiwa+ also has some of interesting features that complement it, including subscriptions and deals. With this feature, #temansejiwa can buy subscription vouchers that will be more economical for all who enjoy Kopi Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast, while Deals is a feature that offers different promos every day. In Jiwa+ there is also the Jiwa Point feature, that customer loyalty can be obtained from Cashback for every transaction or promo used.

The Jiwa Point that are successfully obtained can also be exchanged for a glass of Coffee/Toast. One of the most challenging and rewarding features is the Membership feature. When registering personal data with Jiwa+, #temansejiwa will get a Membership level and there are 5 levels. The higher the level you have, the more Cashback you can get. To reach a higher level, #temansejiwa can complete a number of existing missions. These levels include: Jiwa, Teman Sejiwa, Sahabat Sejiwa, Saudara Sejiwa, dan Belahan Jiwa. Every achievement that is completed, #temansejiwa will get points and when it reaches a certain point, #temansejiwa can increase the Membership level which can provide discounts and attractive offers for #temansejiwa. 

CEO & Founder of Jiwa Group, Billy Kurniawan said “The most beneficial things from Jiwa+ apart from efficiency and effectiveness is #temansejiwa can feel the customer experience, the applications that made with the concept of fun and easy to use can make the interaction between #temansejiwa and the brand closer. Through this Jiwa+ app, #temansejiwa can get the best deals every day.”



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