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Jiwa Group's Fifth Anniversary Introduces an Exciting New Concept

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Jakarta, 15 September 2023 - Janji Jiwa has been an inseparable part of people's daily lives for the past five years. Continuing its mission of introducing the latest coffee innovations to bring joy and excitement through flavorful cups of coffee, Janji Jiwa is unveiling a new logo and outlet concept, along with the launch of "Mobile Coffee Cart: Kopi Sejuta Jiwa," aimed at enhancing accessibility for customers to enjoy the exquisite taste of Janji Jiwa coffee.


Jiwa Group CEO and Founder Billy Kurniawan revealed, "Five years ago, we introduced the fresh-to-cup concept of serving local Indonesian coffee options through the Janji Jiwa 'Grab & Go' coffee shop. As Janji Jiwa celebrates its 5th year, the company recognizes the importance of bringing everyday excitement and new experiences to the lives of the Indonesian people. Aligning with Janji Jiwa's identity as ‘the most creative F&B company’, our goal is to consistently deliver these elements to all customers.”


"As our way to make this a reality, Janji Jiwa is unveiling a fresh commitment to deliver 'New Excitement Every Day' as part of its fifth-anniversary festivities. This commitment is reflected in a more dynamic logo and a modern outlet concept. Additionally, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the ‘Kopi Sejuta Jiwa Mobile Coffee Cart”, aimed at bringing our exceptional coffee offerings to an even broader audience of coffee lovers," Billy continued.


New Excitement: Janji Jiwa Brings New Enthusiasm!

Janji Jiwa currently has over 900 stores in more than 100 cities and regencies across Indonesia. These stores comprise over 900 Janji Jiwa Coffee stores and 400 Jiwa Toast outlets.


As part of its fifth-anniversary celebration, Janji Jiwa is introducing a new logo nicknamed Pinky, which features the visualization of a pinky finger. “The pinky finger visual was chosen as it symbolizes ‘hubungan janji’ (‘making a promise’), and is balanced with the appearance of a new color palette that gives a joyful impression through colors such as red and purple that is reminiscent of coffee cherries. The contrasting colors represent enthusiasm and excitement in facing challenges and boredom. The pinky finger logo is meant to leave a lasting impression on the public as the company reaffirms its commitment to bringing innovations in line with existing trends,” added Billy.

 said Billy.


Indonesian singer Gamaliel also grapples with occasional boredom and fatigue in his life. “As a singer, I often encounter the dynamic challenges of a busy schedule, especially when it involves rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions. During such moments, it’s very important for me to find new things, and one of my preferred ways to do this is by taking some 'me-time.' Usually, while on my me-time, I like to try various variants of food and drinks, especially coffee and snacks."


Gamaliel also shared how Janji Jiwa has become an indispensable part of his daily routine,“For me, Janji Jiwa always delivers on their promises. Janji Jiwa ensures that coffee enthusiasts can consistently enjoy a refreshing experience with every cup and easily savor locally sourced Indonesian coffee. I also appreciate Janji Jiwa's innovative approach in serving a diverse range of coffee lovers, including students, professionals from various industries, office workers, and even artists like myself, which has contributed to improving our productivity and creativity in our daily lives.”


Everything New at Janji Jiwa

Aside from introducing a new logo in celebration of its fifth anniversary, Janji Jiwa is also unveiling a new outlet concept that emphasizes the offline experience with a more exciting outlet design in accordance with Janji Jiwa's new concept to provide a new experience for every customer.


Janji Jiwa’s new concept will focus on improving the offline experience by redesigning the customer journey, starting by streamlining the product ordering process (via self-service kiosks), simplifying order pickups (using a restaurant paging system), and elevating the overall enjoyment of the products (through innovations in packaging and menu selection).


Janji Jiwa will also expand its menu with offerings such as the JOE Series ("Jiwa Origin Espresso"), featuring carefully selected coffee beans exclusively available at the new concept store, as well as a range of non-coffee options. The new concept also introduces an extensive food selection, including toast, noodles, rice dishes, snacks such as fried cassava and banana, and desserts such as ice cream. These diverse menu options are thoughtfully crafted to complement every moment of the customer’s day.


Currently, Janji Jiwa's new concept can be found in 5 (five) locations. These locations include Janji Jiwa Equity Tower, Janji Jiwa RSUP Fatmawati, Janji Jiwa Summarecon Mall Serpong, Janji Jiwa KAI Palmerah, and Janji Jiwa KAI Sudirman. “Janji Jiwa is not just a coffee brand but also ‘the perfect companion' that brings positivity and enthusiasm to its customers’ lives,” added Billy.


This fifth anniversary also marks the launch of Kopi Sejuta Jiwa Mobile Coffee Cart, a new initiative by Janji Jiwa to expand its reach to a broader audience of coffee enthusiasts. Janji Jiwa will employ as many as 50 environmentally-friendly electric bicycles to deliver their specialty coffee and non-coffee products to customers at affordable prices, ranging from Rp. 8.000 to Rp. 10.000.


“Sejuta Jiwa derives from the phrase 'Sejuta Umat', which means belonging to everyone. This name reflects our goal of making it even easier for customers to enjoy Janji Jiwa coffee anytime and anywhere as well as serving a wider market by providing quality coffee beverages,” explained Billy.


With its primary goal of empowering members of the community to become MSME players, Janji Jiwa adopts an approach that involves forming partnerships with local partners to assist in Kopi Sejuta Jiwa’s operational activities. Janji Jiwa has a mission to reach a total of one million mobile partners who can engage in independent entrepreneurship via the Kopi Sejuta Jiwa partnership program and foster each MSME player's growth as a trusted coffee entrepreneur through regular coaching provided by Jiwa Group to each partner,” said Billy. 


Currently, the Kopi Sejuta Jiwa Mobile Coffee Cart will serve various sales areas, including Petamburan, Kemanggisan, Duri Kosambi, Greenville, and Brigjen Katamso in West Jakarta; Sudirman, Tanah Abang, Kebon Kacang, and Cideng in Central Jakarta; as well as Bendungan Hilir and Cilandak in South Jakarta.


“The various innovations we offer are our way of getting closer to customers and providing a more varied experience. We want to make Janji Jiwa more than just a coffee brand; it's about spreading positivity in every moment of our customers’ lives,” Billy concluded.




About Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa made its debut on 15 May 2018, introducing the "fresh-to-cup" concept by offering an array of authentic Indonesian coffees with a classic taste. Janji Jiwa has achieved the distinction of being the largest coffee chain in Indonesia, with over 900 outlets across 100 cities. Operating under the values of "A Cup from Farmers, A Cup to Partners, and A Cup for the People," Janji Jiwa has received recognition as the only local coffee store to earn the MURI 2019 award and Top Brand accolades in 2020, 2021, and 2022. We aspire to make Kopi Janji Jiwa a coffee store brand in every corner of the city by bringing Indonesian coffee store culture to the world.



At Janji Jiwa, quality is our top priority. We source our coffee beans directly from local farmers who have been carefully selected. Our expert roasters then roast the beans to international standards, ensuring we consistently produce high-quality products at affordable prices. We promise to maintain the consistency of the taste in every cup of Janji Jiwa for our loyal customers, #TemanSejiwa. For further information, www.jiwagroup.com.


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