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Jiwa Group Wins World Prestigious Brand Award

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Jakarta, November 4, 2022 – Indonesia’s coffee business trend continues to grow rapidly. Indeed, it takes a qualified strategy for business initiators to be sustainable in the long term. Breakthroughs and innovations prioritizing customer satisfaction are the primary capital to move forward in the Indonesian F&B world.

This was done by Jiwa Group, known for its Kopi Janji Jiwa product, which always presents local Indonesian coffee with a high-quality taste by adopting the farm-to-cup concept. Janji Jiwa works directly with coffee farmers to build supply continuity, product consistency, and price stability for coffee and forge close farmer-to-consumer relationships through affordable, high-quality coffee throughout Indonesia.

Janji Jiwa is here to answer the gap between affordability, enjoyment, and availability through quality coffee and to make coffee an affordable everyday pleasure. Since operating for the first time from 2018 to 2022, Janji Jiwa has more than 900 volumes (the name for Kopi Janji Jiwa outlets) spread over over 100 cities in 33 provinces of Indonesia.

Janji Jiwa also continues to innovate, one of which is through collaboration with several famous brands or figures. The form of collaboration is carried out with several brands of diverse interests, including Sasa, Teh Botol Sosro, OATSIDE, Livin Bank Mandiri, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Sage Footwear, and many others. Not just a collaboration, Janji Jiwa also brings fun, excitement, and joy to #temansejiwa through menu innovations that are unique and creative that are tailored to people's preferences so that Janji Jiwa products can be increasingly loved and in demand by customers to date.

To note, Jiwa Group has managed 3 product brands. In addition to coffee, there are Jiwa Toast and Jiwa Tea, which throughout 2021, have sold 40 million products with a 2x increase over the previous year.

Jiwa Toast is a new concept developed by Jiwa Group in 2019. Like Janji Jiwa, Jiwa Toast has a 'Grab & Go' concept, making it easier for people to enjoy bread with a distinctive taste while on the move and still provide fresh dishes when they arrive at their destination.

The presence of Jiwa Toast complements Kopi Janji Jiwa with the slogan "Coffee in your right hand, bread in your left hand, coffee and bread for your true friends.” Jiwa Toast's vision is to become a "Mini Fast Food Chain" with the value of providing the best products and services to inspire large-scale development.

As with Janji Jiwa, Jiwa Toast has made several breakthroughs by collaborating with famous figures and brands. The collaboration of two or more brands aims to strengthen the brand's presence and increase market share, as was done with celebrity chef William Gozali (Willgoz) and Chef Suhaidi Jamaan, who is familiarly called Lord Adi.

Innovation Resulting in Brand of the Year Award from WBA

In addition to improving service quality through menu innovation, Jiwa Group also innovates through technology. The adoption of technology in the coffee chain business model has a breakthrough that provides evidence for the growth of this business.

The role of digital channels is vital, especially social media, for engagement with customers to integrate with an online marketplace and food delivery platforms. There is also the JIWA+ application to support the ‘Grab & Go’ model, typical of Kopi Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast from the start.

All the breakthroughs, innovations, and hard work are certainly never in vain. Evidently, through the value of “A Cup for the Farmers, A Cup for the Partners, and A Cup for the People,” Janji Jiwa is trusted as the only local coffee shop to receive an award from MURI 2019 and Top Brand in 2020 & 2021.

Not only earning the trust as the most prestigious and top local brand from domestic organizations, Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast won the Brand of The Year title from the World Branding Awards (WBA) 2022-2023 for two categories, namely Retailer Coffee for Janji Jiwa and Cafe Chain for Jiwa Toast. The annual WBA event was held offline in London, England, on November 3, 2022. More than 100,000 consumers across 45 countries have chosen their favorite brand. From this selection process, there were more than 3,500 brands that were nominated as nominees, but only 206 brands received the Brand of the Year title.

The winners of this prestigious event have gone through a rigorous judging stage, including brand assessment, consumer market research, and public voting. On average, there are only five winners per country at this year's event. WBA is organized by the World Branding Forum (WBF), a global non-profit organization focused on rewarding the hard work and success of international and national products.

The Brand of The Year award from WBA was received by Billy Kurniawan, CEO, and Founder of Jiwa Group, who attended the event in London. Furthermore, Billy said that the victory for these two brands at once was the fruit of the hard work of the Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast teams in providing the best products and services to customers.

 “It is an honor for us to be awarded the Brand of The Year title from the World Branding Awards 2022-2023 for two categories, namely Retailer Coffee for Janji Jiwa and Cafe Chain for Jiwa Toast. This is inseparable from the participation and support of consumers. We promise this award will make our brand more trusted and customer loyalty well maintained,” explained Billy.

The success of Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast won the prestigious title as the most popular brand both nationally and globally, in line with a survey from Frontier Group, a company engaged in marketing, technology, and digital research. According to Frontier Group's findings, these two brands are rated as superior or TOP after successfully exceeding the three Top Brand measurement parameters, which include; Top Mind of Share as the brand most recognized by consumers, Top of Market Share as the brand most purchased by consumers and Top of Commitment Share as a brand that can create consumer loyalty.

Through national and global awards given to the Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast, it has further strengthened the position of Leading the Future of Indonesia's Food & Beverages Industry in the eyes of the Indonesian people since its inception, now and in the future.



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