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Jakarta, 22 February 2022 - The fastest growing coffee shop company in Indonesia, Janji Jiwa collaborates with OATSIDE, the first full-stack plant-based milk brand from Asia, to present a special oat-based menu. Adopting the original taste of oats as the main raw material, Janji Jiwa x OATSIDE launched three new menu variants, namely Aren Oat Latte with basic ingredients of espresso, palm sugar, and oat milk; Earl Gray Oat Latte which combines earl gray tea, brown sugar, and oat milk plus a sprinkling of corn flakes; and Matcha Oat Latte which combines matcha, brown sugar, oat milk and sprinkled with corn flakes. These three menus are served at more than 900 Jiwa Jiwa outlets throughout Indonesia starting on February 22, 2022.

The increasing public awareness of health and the trend of healthy lifestyle that is currently being loved by the public, has encouraged Janji Jiwa to revolutionize several menus into healthy drinks for Teman Sejiwa with OATSIDE. Oat milk itself is proven to be rich in beta glucan which is good for heart health, reduces cholesterol, and increases endurance. In addition to providing healthy choices, this collaboration menu can be an alternative for people who are vegan, concerned about health, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Quoting nutritionist Arif Sabta Aji, 80% of people in Asia are lactose intolerant, which is often found in animal milk products and their derivatives.

“The combination of plant-based milk flavors and coffee is often a barrier for people who want to start adopting alternative milk. Therefore, we chose to collaborate with OATSIDE which has been approved by many baristas in Asia for its delicious taste and also the best quality of oat milk. This collaboration is our passion in building a culture of customer obsession by continuing to provide experiences and meet the needs of Teman Sejiwa. In addition, this collaboration is also a commitment from Jiwa Jiwa to present alternative milk that can be enjoyed by Teman Sejiwa,” said CEO and Founder of Jiwa Group, Billy Kurniawan.

In addition to bringing healthier choices, this collaboration is a form of Janji Jiwa and OATSIDE's concern for the environment through the selection of sustainable or sustainable raw materials. OATSIDE itself is made from 100% Australian oats and high quality natural mountain springs from Bandung. In the production phase, OATSIDE requires 90% less soil and water, and produces 70% less emissions compared to cow's milk. Therefore, plant-based milk is the milk of choice in the future because of its environmentally friendly processing system.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with coffee drink pioneers in Indonesia as our first partner in Indonesia. Departing from our common mission, namely to produce the benefits of the goodness of drinks that are rich in taste, but also healthy and sustainable in their journey. In fact, the percentage of plant-based milk is only 15% of dairy products in Asia, the reason being its 'weird' taste. Therefore, we want to introduce plant-based milk that is fun - both in terms of taste and customer experience to the Indonesian people through Teman Sejiwa, especially friends who are lactose intolerant, need healthier alternatives, or friends who care about the environment. The combination of our three collaborative menus is here to add a unique taste to the signature menu of Janji Jiwa with a creamy and malty oat milk taste,` said Benedict Lim, Founder and CEO of OATSIDE.

Billy added that the reason for Janji Jiwa working with OATSIDE, apart from the superior quality, nutrition, and delicious taste combined with the mainstay menus of Janji Jiwa, the environmentally friendly production is also the main attraction, so this collaboration was born.

The menu of the Janji Jiwa and OATSIDE is priced starting from Rp. 27,000 which is available in two sizes, regular and large. It's even more interesting with the rain of promos for Teman Sejiwa, special prices starting from Rp. 18,000 for walk-in purchases at the Janji Jiwa outlet or through GoFood, GrabFood, and ShopeeFood. Especially for purchases through the JIWA+ application, Teman Sejiwa can get this collaboration menu with special prices starting from Rp. 16,000. Promo is valid for the period 22 February to 23 March 2022.


About Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa was first established on May 15 2018, adopting a fresh-to-cup concept by serving a selection of authentic Indonesian local coffees with classic taste images. Janji Jiwa has succeeded in becoming the largest coffee chain with 900+ outlets spread in more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia. With the value of “A Cup from Farmers, A Cup to Partners, and A Cup for the People”, Janji Jiwa is trusted as the only local coffee shop to receive an award from MURI 2019 and Top Brand in 2020, 2021, 2022. Our vision is to make Kopi Janji Jiwa a coffee shop brand that is located in every corner of the city by bringing Indonesian coffee shop culture to the world.

Quality is a top priority, Janji Jiwa uses beans directly from selected local coffee farmers, through a careful process, roasted to international standards by a competent Janji Jiwa Roaster. Produce quality products at affordable prices. Maintaining the consistency of the taste of each cup of Janji Jiwa at all times is a promise that will always be fulfilled to #TemanSejiwa (faithful consumers of Janji Jiwa). For more information, visit www.jiwagroup.com.



OATSIDE is a delicious milk choice for Asia. Founded in Singapore in 2020, OATSIDE was built with a mission to provide healthy and sustainable plant-based milk to people who don't mind plant-based milk. As the only “Full-Stack” food start-up company in Asia, OATSIDE is committed to producing the best quality oat milk with its own production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and using the best quality ingredients. Ensuring the entire process from oats to milk is pure, sourced from sustainable ingredients, and just for your enjoyment! For more information, visit www.oatside.com.


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