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Jakarta, August 25th 2021 - Jiwa Toast, a local Indonesian brand that has more than 200 outlets spread throughout Indonesia, has now entered its 2nd year. Since 2019, Jiwa Toast has started its journey to becoming part of the Jiwa Group which also Janji Jiwa. The spirit of “Soul Toast is the Champion of Toast” that Jiwa Toast has continues to produce many creative innovations to serve toast dishes that are affordable and can be enjoyed by all.

Along with this 2nd Anniversary celebration, Jiwa Toast is again making a new breakthrough in the F&B world by creating a special toast menu with a unique and different taste for toast fans in Indonesia. At this special moment, Jiwa Toast presents the 'Shrimp Series' menu, which is the newest variant of the toast menu with delicious shrimp wrapped in cheese and a special sauce from Jiwa Toast. Both of these special menus offer a perfect mix of flavors that are unforgettable in every bite. This new Shrimp Series menu is launched simultaneously for customers and lovers of toast and shrimp at Jiwa Toast outlets throughout Indonesia from August 25, 2021 to September 24, 2021.

`It doesn't feel like Jiwa Toast is entering its second anniversary. Of course, during these 2 years, we have presented many stories through every deliciousness of Jiwa Toast for Sahabat Sejiwa. Especially because the achievements that we have achieved so far cannot be separated from the continued support given by Sahabat Sejiwa throughout Indonesia who brought us to this point. We also want to surprise Jiwa Toast connoisseurs by presenting the Shrimp Series menu so that Sahabat Sejiwa can celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with us. In addition, we are always committed to being able to accommodate the needs of the entire community. Indonesians who want to eat the delicious taste of Jiwa Toast,` said Billy Kurniawan, CEO and Founder of Jiwa Group.

In the Shrimp Series menu this time, there are 2 new menu variants presented. The first menu, Shrimp Tartar Mayo which consists of shrimp meat, cheese with tartar sauce and a sprinkling of parsley leaves. Second, Shrimp Truffle Aioli contains shrimp meat, cheese with garlic truffle sauce and a sprinkling of parsley leaves. The two special menus are priced starting from IDR 34,000. In addition to presenting a special Shrimp Series menu, the 2nd Anniversary of Jiwa Toast's celebration is also increasingly felt with the presence of a special promo as a form of appreciation to Sahabat Sejiwa who has accompanied Jiwa Toast's journey for the last 2 years. Purchase of this Shrimp Series menu can be made by ordering directly to the nearest outlet of Jiwa Toast, or ordering through the JIWA+ application, Grab Food, Go Food, and Shopee Food. Especially for purchases on the Jiwa+ application, Sahabat Sejiwa can get the Soul Toast Shrimp Series combo package combined with the sweet and fresh Earl Gray Tea which is priced starting from Rp. 46,000,-.

Previously, in July 2021, Jiwa Toast had successfully created a unique collaboration with the legendary brand Chitato to launch a special menu called #ChitaToast. Inspired by Chitato's main slogan, `Life is never flat!`, Jiwa Toast has created two variants of the sandwich menu with extraordinary taste. This is proof of Jiwa Toast's commitment to always bring innovation and unique experiences in each menu.

“In the future, we will continue to innovate to produce more new and special menus that can be loved by all. We do this so that Soul Friends wherever they are can be more satisfied when enjoying the menus of Jiwa Toast. On the other hand, we also want to show that local Indonesian toast can continue to work. We also always strive to make Jiwa Toast the Number 1 toast in Indonesia that is most liked by all Indonesian people with a unique taste. Of course, by always prioritizing the quality of service to our loyal customers, `he concluded.


About Jiwa Toast

Jiwa Toast is here as a form of Jiwa Group's commitment, which in this case serves toast products as a friend of Kopi Promise Jiwa to provide affordable prices and the best service to #temansejiwa. Since its establishment in August 2019, Jiwa Toast now has more than 200 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. The spirit of `Soul Toast is the Champion of Toast` owned by Jiwa Toast now continues to produce creative innovations in presenting unforgettable delicious sensations that can be enjoyed by all people and wherever #temansejiwa is located. For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/jiwatoast


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