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Jakarta, August 26, 2021 - As a form of concern for the environment and a spirit to continue to innovate, Sage Footwear wants to invite shoe lovers to jointly take part in protecting the earth for the better. Still carrying the theme of sustainability, Sage Footwear collaborated with Janji Jiwa, a well-known coffee brand in Indonesia, to present a breakthrough in the form of the first local shoes made from coffee grounds. The coffee grounds from Janji Jiwa that are reused to be used as shoe dyes are a tangible manifestation of the #LangkahSejiwaUntukBumi campaign. This collaboration was officially launched on August 27, 2021, at the official Sage Footwear store via Shopee e-commerce.

“We partnered with Janji Jiwa because we saw that there was a common vision about sustainability. We hope that through this collaboration, Sage Footwear and Janji Jiwa can reach a wider audience to convey the message about recycling and our sustainability mission. In this collaboration, apart from using coffee grounds as shoe dye, we also use recycled cotton twill. The recycled cotton twill also comes from recycled cotton, which is made from pieces of cloth leftover from garments that are knitted again,” said Hamzah Dwi Putra, one of the founders of Sage Footwear.

Like Sage Footwear's vision and mission of `Good Steps in All Directions`, the collaboration of Sage Footwear and Janji Jiwa is an innovative commitment to a better direction. The campaign launched by Sage Footwear and Janji Jiwa this time is titled #LangkahSejiwaUntukBumi. While changing priorities and plans in these uncertain times, the #LangkahSejiwaUntukBumi campaign wants to remind again that the absolute thing to continue to be sustainable is our environment.

“Through this collaboration, we want to convey the message that loving the earth can start from the easiest step, which is sorting out waste or goods and recycling. We agreed to choose the coffee grounds from Janji Jiwa as the main component and colorant of this shoe. This collaboration was initiated based on our awareness of the importance of spreading the message for people to love our earth more,” explained Billy Kurniawan, founder of Jiwa Group.

Step Sejiwa Shoes is a witness to Sage Footwear's journey for a better step. This collection will be sold in limited quantities and priced at Rp. 389,000,-. Available in one color choice, these shoes can be used by both men and women and are perfect for mixing and matching with various outfits. Using Sage CloudStep Tech Foam with a mixture of recycled rubber as the insole, making these shoes even more comfortable to use to accompany big steps every day.

In early 2021, through its new identity, Sage Footwear has launched product releases and collaborated with several creative actors and brands. Going forward, Sage Footwear is also committed to continuing to innovate and contribute to Indonesian education through donations for the construction and renovation of schools in Eastern Indonesia.



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