Jiwa Toast, Juaranya Toast!

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300+ Outlets
50+ Cities
About Us

Jiwa Toast is a quick-service toast brand that perfectly complements the product offer of Janji Jiwa Coffee, now available from over 300 outlets nationwide.

Jiwa Toast offers customers a tempting variety of affordable, toast-based light meals, tailored to local tastes and always kept exciting with tasty new creations and collaborations on the menu. All Jiwa Toast products are freshly prepared and packaged to-order in front of our customers.

One key to ensuring product excellence is our signature toast bread, which we centrally fresh bake. By choosing to focus on freshly prepared ingredients, Jiwa Toast ensures a superior experience for every customer.

We love to hear satisfied customers tell us that “Jiwa Toast is the best Toast in Town.” It inspires us to continuously innovate with tempting new flavor sensations, catering to Indonesian and Asian tastes, that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.



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